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AppleTV: Demo video and 3 reasons to love it!

Filed in archive Entertainment by Phil Gerbyshak on January 15, 2007

By way of Jason Calacanis comes this great video of the new AppleTV. Please click in to watch the video if you're reading via RSS.

So why does this seem like such a cool new toy that I've gotta get for my home? 3 reasons:

1) It's easy to use interface - the interface screen looks just like the iTunes store I'm already used to with my iPod.

2) It's easy to use hardware - Just a few places to plug things into, and you've got it set up.

3) It works with Mac AND Windows iTunes libraries - I don't have a Mac (yet) so it's great that the content I've already bought and paid for, and in some cases burned many GBs of MP3s from albums I own, can be streamed to my TV set, effortlessly, with just a few minutes of setup time.

Apple has done it again. Amazing!

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Tags: Apple  AppleTV  TV  iTunes 



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